Lectures meet on Tuesday and Thursday 10:00-10:50am

Date Topic Instructor Slides Notes Reading
1/25 What is a System? Jennifer Rexford L01    
1/27 Course Overview Jennifer Rexford L02    
2/01 Naming Amit Levy L03    
2/03 Unix File System Amit Levy L04 PDF  
2/08 Git Amit Levy L05 PDF Git Book Chapter 10: Git Internals
2/10 Network Naming Jennifer Rexford L06    
2/15 Caching Amit Levy L07    
2/17 CPU Caching Amit Levy L08    
2/22 Web Caching Jennifer Rexford L09    
2/24 NetCache (Research) Jennifer Rexford L10   NetCache: Balancing Key-Value Stores with Fast In-Network Caching
3/01 Layering (in Networking) Jennifer Rexford L10    
3/03 The Cloud Amit Levy L11    
3/08 SPRING BREAK        
3/10 SPRING BREAK        
3/15 “Hey, you, get off of my cloud” (Research) Amit Levy L12   Hey, you, get off my cloud: Exploring Information Leakage in Third-Party Compute Clouds
3/17 Resource Allocation (Congestion Control) Jennifer Rexford L13    
3/22 Tock (Research) Amit Levy L14   Multiprogrammming a 64kB Computer Safely and Efficiently
3/24 Concurrency Jennifer Rexford L15    
3/29 Logical Time Amit Levy L16    
3/31 Consistency Models Amit Levy L17    
4/05 Access Control Amit Levy L18    
4/07 ACLs & Capabilities Amit Levy L19    
4/12 Mandatory Access & Information Flow Amit Levy L21    
4/14 Network Access Control Jennifer Rexford L21    
4/19 Tying It All Together Jennifer Rexford L22    
4/21 Ask Us Anything Amit Levy & Jennifer Rexford     No slides, come with your questions about systems.